Caitlyn Snelling is a wife, mother of six, and an artist. Born March 18, 1993, she began her admiration for sports as a way to help her bond with her father.  As a Marine officer, he spent much of his time traveling, but when he was home, many fond memories began with sitting down to watch a game. 


As she got older, Caitlyn noticed athletes across all sports who would rise above others to stand out as examples for people of all ages across the country.  Athletes who reached out to their communities by getting involved, founding charities, and using their spotlight and status to help others.

Out of this admiration came the desire to draw the action that they stood for.  When Caitlyn draws, she captures passion, action, emotions, and the inspiration behind her subjects.  Being able to bring the feelings and emotions to the fans through her art is what brings her joy.


Caitlyn uses her art to do what she can in her community and help with issues important to her. From donating works to events to support cancer research, children's organizations, and organizations that provide housing to veterans, art is her platform to reach out to people in need.